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Fiano is an Italian white variety grown in the Campanian region of Southern Italy and on the island of Sicily. Fiano is believed to have been a popular wine in the Roman Empire. Organically on the Bassham family vineyard Barmera Sth Aust. Our wine is characterised as a pale straw coloured wine with strong aromas of spiced honey notes, a hint of nuttiness, palate full, rounded, well balanced, clean finish with flavours of cumquat and lemon. A good food friendly wine that suits a wide variety of dishes including seafood, white meat, pasta, and cream based sauces. Chill. A Yummy Yummy wine!!


Bronze medal Fiano 2011Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show Mildura. Bronze medal Fiano 2012Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show Mildura. Bronze medal Fiano 2012*** Wine State River Regions 2013


Grown under certified organic conditions, NASSA certification no. 5337. Grown with no artificial fertilizer, no pesticides, no weedicide, no insecticides. Environmentally friendly. Drip irrigation.

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