Red Wines

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Northern Spain, the home of Graciano which is highly prized for its intense aromatic properties. This brilliant wine is grown on the Bassham Family Heritage Vineyard situated on Bassham Road Barmera South Australia. Owned and developed by the Bassham Family since 1919. Graciano is a drought resistant variety, makes long lived wine of great structure. Our drop has delicious aromas of black currant, herbs and spices. The palate is rich and full of berry flavours typical to this variety. Enjoy this special wine with Italian pizza, roast lamb, beef, kangaroo and spicy dishes. It’s a treat!

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Nero D’Avola

Nero d’Avola is cultivated in Sicily. Now also in the Riverland of South Australia. This magnificent variety lends its self to the typical hot climatic conditions of the Riverland. This tasty wine full of fruit flavours of blackberry, blueberry, and black plum with dark rich texture, note of chocolate, mocha and vanilla, complexity of spice, earth and leather. Soft but distinct tannins. Old world rustic finesse but does so with style, balance and structure. Great addition to roast poultry, pork, grilled steak, soft cheeses, pasta and pizza. Give it a go a must try!!

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Montepulciano is cultivated in central Italy. A thriving gem in the Riverland being drought tolerant, smiling at the regions extreme heat, it produces excellent quality organic fruit, very late ripening being the last variety harvested on the Bassham Family organic vineyard. Our Montepulciano shows deep rich dark red colour and lifted with a bouquet of plum, raspberry, and dark cherry. The palate is of rich dark chocolate and spice, full varietal flavour finishing with softening tannins and extended mouth feel. Great with roast lamb, scotch fillet, salami and cheeses. A magnificent wine !!

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Lagrein grown on the slopes of Northern Italy, this variety amazingly does very well on the Bassham Family Organic Vineyard in Barmera South Australia, as it is considered a cool climate variety, however this little beauty wins us GOLD. Lagrein is a wonderful dark rich wine, deep ruby red in colour, inky purple in the glass, with plenty going on – intense juicy dark cherry fruit flavours and soft, silky smooth in the mouth, warming alcohol and hint of confectionary characters with excellent balance and structure. Great choice with Aussie BBQ, red meats, Pork and cheese platters. Bruce’s top drop! Don’t miss this one!!!


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Another certified organically grown wine made from Montepulciano from the Bassham vineyard Barmera, harvested at 12 baume. Our Rose’ is light garnet in colour, aromas of floral, strawberry, cherry, coconut ice, with a full palate and cherry flavour. Suited to smoked salmon, cheese platters, quince and chicken dishes. Serve well chilled. A popular choice!!

White Wines

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Vermentino is an Italian white variety commonly grown in Tuscany and Sardinia and now Barmera in the Riverland. Vermentino is a drought tolerant grape loving the climatic conditions of the riverland, it is certified organically grown on the Bassham family vineyard at Barmera Sth Aust. Our vermentino is pale gold in colour with green tints, slightly aromatic, fresh fragrance, juicy tropical and zesty lemon flavour with crisp grassy notes. A vibrant wine which pairs beautifully with seafood, Thai, chicken and pasta dishes. Drink well chilled. New interesting wine!

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Fiano is an Italian white variety grown in the Campanian region of Southern Italy and on the island of Sicily. Fiano is believed to have been a popular wine in the Roman Empire. Organically on the Bassham family vineyard Barmera Sth Aust. Our wine is characterised as a pale straw coloured wine with strong aromas of spiced honey notes, a hint of nuttiness, palate full, rounded, well balanced, clean finish with flavours of cumquat and lemon. A good food friendly wine that suits a wide variety of dishes including seafood, white meat, pasta, and cream based sauces. Chill. A Yummy Yummy wine!!

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Petit Manseng

Petit Manseng originates from Southern France. This variety produces quality wine grown on the Bassham Family organic vineyard at Barmera in the Riverland of South Australia. The Bassham Petit Manseng has bright light gold hues with green tints, aromas of fresh pome fruits, floral, honey and a palate of good balance, medium length and a mouth filling finish with lemon and apple. Enjoy this wine with rich cream and butter based dishes, pork, Chinese, French and Italian cuisines. Chill.