Our Vision

Proud 4th generation grape growers, Bruce and Val Bassham have taken a new path to that of their forefathers.

They have embraced the Alternative Grape Varieties movement and are growing drought tolerant Mediterranean varieties (requiring less irrigation), under certified organic conditions, motivated by a desire for a healthy lifestyle as well as a healthy product.

Better for the planet and for the wine connoisseur.

Their love of the land and commitment to excellence brings fruit of the highest quality, resulting in boutique wines full of flavour.

So while the name ‘Bassham’ may change with the growth of their three daughters’ families, with this wine it will continue and so too their dedication to the Riverland of South Australia.

Bassham Wines deliver their award winning labels across Australia.

Our Soil – organic agriculture builds nutrient rich soils.

Our Water – environmentally friendly farming improves the quality of our river, our lake, ground and drinking water.

Our Health – is directly connected to the health of the land.

Our Future – organic farming embraces the needs for future generations.

Our Love – of the land and dedication to the river and environment and the Riverland of South Australia.

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This is why we live where we live.